Sky watching tours

An evening spent as a sky watcher is pure magic, as participants explore the fantastic legends and romantic heroes that surround the heavenly bodies with which we share this universe.
Listen to your star guide navigate the solar system and weave fantastic tales about the constellations above as you peer through the telescope or sky binoculars provided for you.

Bask in the soft light of the night sky, allowing your imagination to transport you to faraway worlds of gods and monsters while munching on complementary Mars, Milky Way and Starburst candy.
Pause for a moment and ask those questions about the universe which are nagging at the back of your mind as you refer to the personalized constellation sheet provided to you as part of the tour...

Each Sky watching tour is designed to reflect the interests of participants, whether there are two or 2,000.

This unique and entertaining combination of lore and reality can last up to six hours and is priced on a per person basis. Before the tour, participants can familiarize themselves with the night sky through computer kiosks located at the tour’s starting point that offer information on constellations, planets and the solar system.
According to the number of sky binoculars and telescopes included in the program, guides are assigned to assist and amuse participants as they discover the magic of our solar system.