Yachting-off shore tours

Once you have wearied of the delights of Messinia-Peloponnese on land – an unforgettable experience is to test your sea legs and enjoy a day at sea.  Sail around the Peloponnese peninsoula and islands of Proti,Sapienza,Venetiko in Aegean & Ionian sea , with the deep blue sky above; the clear azure waters below and a luxurious yacht or motor boat to take you to unspoiled beaches or to any of the surrounding islands of your choice.

We offer unique, tailor made cruises to suit you and can arrange for half day or full day programs, overnight, one way or weekly trips.We can make hotel arrangements if you're thinking of overnighting, or if you simply want to dine on a neighboring island, we can take care of the restaurant reservations.

Should you wish to charter a yacht or motorboat, or even spend some time fishing the Aegean-Ionian, we can help you come up with the perfect package.