Climbing tours

Climbing is a passion,with this in mind we created our climbing tours to show you some of the best climbing places in Peloponnese and especially Messinia. We offer different kind of tours depending on your time, interest in the rock climbing and experience:
One day climbing: ideal for the people who want to enjoy a day in the nature and discover the basics of climbing in Mani area, Taygetos mountain and island of Proti or Sapientza or Sfaktiria.

3-4 days climbing trips: on this trips ose who want a vacation we offer a complete program combining climbing, hiking and cultural discovery of different regions in Peloponnese.
6-7 days climbing camps: for this dedicated to climbing, a vacation in which they can dramaticaly improve their climbing skills.

Rock climbing is a new activity for the island of Proti but already indispensable. Test yourself among the many climbing fields that adorn the island.
Right now there are three routes (medium difficulty), we prepare dozens of trails of all levels. Sport Climbing and Deep water solo are two forms of climbing you'll find on the island. Vertical limestone cliffs, that end up deep in the sea, are equipped with stainless steel fuses and permanently mounted relays.
A 60m rope, 15 quickdraws and definitely a helmet are all the materials that should not be missing from your backpack.
The growth of the paths reaches up to 35 meters.

So choose which program fits you best and come with us to discover the amazing mountain of Taygetos, climb on top of the mount , enjoy the secret climbing spots in island of Proti beaches or spend a full week of climbing in Kalalavrita : the famous Greek climbing paradise or Taygetos peak or Leonidio red rocks. The peaks of Peloponnese are waiting of you !!!