Religion tours

On tours of your choice, or one we can assist with the making up of, your tour of Orthodox monasteries will enrich your visit to Messinia and Peloponnese and give you insight into the culture of the locals.  The number of churches, monasteries and temples on Peloponnese is a true reflection of the enormous role the church plays in everyday life.

An example of a full day tour starts with the monastery of St.Constantine & Helen in the city of Kalamata, founded in the year 1796 by Hieromonk and Teacher Gerasimos Papadopoulos from Kalamata (1763-1844). It was the first monastery for women in the Holy Metropolis of Messinia that still operates today.
What really set aside the monastery though, making it nationally and globally renowned, was the cultivation and preparation of silk thread, the main material for the weaving of silk vestments, tablecloths, curtains and, above all, the famous scarves of Kalamata, which were first made in this monastery. Many of those items found their way across the world bringing many rewards and honours to the Monastery.
We continue next to the cathedral of Kalamata,Ypapanti's church.The Cathedral of Kalamata is called "Ypapanti tou Sotiros" or "Presentation of the Savior". The cathedral is one of the largest of Messinia. It was built in 1839 and consecrated in 1873. The layout is a traditional Byzantine style and it houses within the ancient and miraculous icon of the Panagia.
Annually on 2nd February, it celebrates the Presentation of the Lord into the Temple. It also celebrates on the Apodosis of Pascha, which is a moveable feast day celebrated the day prior to the Holy Ascension. It was on the Apodosis of Pascha that the wonder working icon was discovered. The Panagia Ypapanti is the Protectress of the City of Kalamata.
Our last stop is the monastery of Voulkano.At the junction of mounts Ithomi and Eva (Aghiou Vasiliou) and between the villages of Ancient Messini (Mavromati) and Valyra in the Municipality of Ithomi stands, majestic and dominating, the historical monastery of Voulkanos, founded in the 17th century. The name "Voulkanos”, and the earlier versions “Vourkano”, “Dorkano” and “Voulkani”, are probably attributed to some byzantine lord or owner, to whom the area around mount Ithomi belonged.
The pride and treasure of this monastery is the icon of Panagia Voulkaniotissa, titled “Odigitria known in the mountains as Voulkanos”, to which miracles have been attributed. The monastery also guards the Holy Relics of many Orthodox Saints; Saint Neomartyr Ioannis" of Monemvassia, Saint Dionysios Areopagitis’ and Saint Ilias Ardounis’ of Kalamata, among them. In its rich library many books can be found, old and new, authentic manuscripts, Turkish documents and four Sigillia of the various Patriarchs of Constantinople, recognizing or verifying the monasteries privileges.

A lot of proposals for making a religion - orthodox tour such as the monasteries of Velanidia, Chrisokellaria, Dimiovis,Samarina,Sidiroportas,Madraki,Panagia Sgrapa,Eleistria,Mele,Prophet Joel and monastery of Ellinikon.