Special interest tours

Bringing you the best olive picking holidays and experiences:  help with the olive harvest or adopt an olive tree; whatever you decide you will be rewarded with your own fabulous extra virgin olive oil.
This tour is designed to guide you to the best olive picking holidays showing you where you can participate in the olive harvest.

We care on bringing you in touch with the wines and flavours of Peloponnese. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to offer you a package on the wide spectrum of local wine presentation, wine tasting learning, combination of wine with local flavours, vine landscapes, along with the views of a unique -in the world- ecosystem, all inclusive.

Without a doubt one of the most popular pastimes for a Greek is his food, they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, well that saying must have been made up by a Greek woman!  With so much time being spent on food, it's easy to say that the recipes have been perfected and are truly out of this world.   A gift to take back home from your holiday in Peloponnese will be the knowledge to prepare a healthy, tasty Mediterranean meal from your kitchen back home.

To really get close up and personal with Peloponnese, get out the coach, don your hiking boots, breath in the sweet, fresh air and feel yourself unwind as the natural splendors' of the mainland work their wonders.  Peloponnese is a walkers' paradise as there really is no end to the choice of where to walk or what to see.  From walks in and around kalamata,Stoupa,Kardamyli,Agios Nikolaos to walking alongside the coastal roads, up Taygetos Mountain, or through the forests, the choices are many and varied. 

Adventure and nature lovers will find this safari an amazing opportunity to explore off the beaten track!
Accompanied by a knowledgeable escort, you will drive your 4 x 4 jeep through small traditional villages, forests and hills, over mountains and little streams, past vineyards and olive groves, churches and old monasteries !!

Discover the world of scuba diving and explore the Ionian & Aegean crystal-clear waters in a unique underwater experience, with one-day mini diving courses offering a taste of what diving is all about!
The diving site is Messinian bay (Mani & Koroni area) ,Navarino bay,one of the first Theme park "underwater ancient city" in Greece and around island of Proti.

On tours of your choice, or one we can assist with the making up of, your tour of Orthodox monasteries will enrich your visit to Messinia and Peloponnese and give you insight into the culture of the locals.  The number of churches, monasteries and temples on Peloponnese is a true reflection of the enormous role the church plays in everyday life.

Luxury golf in Costa Navarino !!
Costa Navarino, the prime, sustainable destination in the Mediterranean, located in the Greek region of Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese is the new luxury golf destination with two signature golf courses, The Dunes Course and The Bay Course.

Climbing is a passion,with this in mind we created our climbing tours to show you some of the best climbing places in Peloponnese and especially Messinia. We offer different kind of tours depending on your time, interest in the rock climbing and experience:
One day climbing: ideal for the people who want to enjoy a day in the nature and discover the basics of climbing in Mani area, Taygetos mountain and island of Proti or Sapientza or Sfaktiria.

If you are looking for a biking holiday that includes extraordinary beaches with incomparable blue waters, soft weather, summertime relaxation and all these combined with culture and beautiful landscapes, then you just found it! Your destination is Messinia, in the south-west part of Peloponnese, one of the most beautiful parts of Greece !!

Welcome to fly in Kalamata Messinia-Peloponnese-Greece,
Greece is indeed a magical place and we invite you to come and experience the thrill of free-flying in this beautiful and enchanting land.

Sailing in Messinia Peloponnese gives snorkelers great opportunities.
Explore the unseen side of the gulfs of Messinia and Peloponnese under the sea. Snorkel off of the little islands around Messinia most pristine beaches or dive around the most popular spots to see rare fish or coral formations. The amazing waters of Sapienza , Proti,Venetiko,Schiza islands are widely known as destinations for great snorkeling. The waters there are trasparent and extremely rich with life.

Once you have wearied of the delights of Messinia-Peloponnese on land – an unforgettable experience is to test your sea legs and enjoy a day at sea.  Sail around the Peloponnese peninsoula and islands of Proti,Sapienza,Venetiko in Aegean & Ionian sea , with the deep blue sky above; the clear azure waters below and a luxurious yacht or motor boat to take you to unspoiled beaches or to any of the surrounding islands of your choice.

Rafting sport is particularly popular in countries with wild rivers. As Greece has plenty of wild landscapes and rough rivers, many clubs organize frequent rafting excursions to these areas. The most popular areas to practice rafting in Greece are found in Northern Greece and the Peloponnese.

Relax your mind and stretch your body...YOGA,PILATES and MEDITATION in Messinia Peloponnese !!
Relaxing holidays and getting finally rid of the annoying stress is a common area for a large number of people. If you had enough of clubbing during your vacations and seek for real serenity, yoga holidays might be the right choice for you. Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal development in the world, starting in 7-10,000 BC.

For an exciting, unique and unforgettable experience, why not take to the air and witness the unique beauty, geography and culture of the surrounding of Peloponnese and the Islands or alternatively, one specific destination of your choice.

An evening spent as a sky watcher is pure magic, as participants explore the fantastic legends and romantic heroes that surround the heavenly bodies with which we share this universe.
Listen to your star guide navigate the solar system and weave fantastic tales about the constellations above as you peer through the telescope or sky binoculars provided for you.

Art holidays in Peloponnese
There's no place like the Greek Landscape for inspiring an artist. You will study and learn about art while exploring the ancient ruins and the deep blue Aegean Sea & colors.Enjoy painting, drawing and printmaking classes on the beautiful Peloponnese, Greece. Combine art and travel by joining an artist workshop with artists.

Hunting in island of Sapienza-Messinia-Peloponnese
Hunting is a popular pastime in Greece, mainly on the mainland and mountainous areas. Wild boar and woodcock are commonly hunted animals.Both a rifle permit and hunting licence are required to hunt in Peloponnese - Greece.

Explore the possibilities and live the history
Trigilidas travel offers every guest the opportunity to live and explore unique experiences through a vast variety of exclusive activities in the area of Messinia and Peloponnese. Our team have especially organized for you "Philosophy Walks" as well as a visit to Ancient Olympia. All designed according to the history and the stories of the area and Greece, will pose unforgettable memories and knowledge for your entire life.

Greece is a wonderful choice for a horse riding holiday - a collection of sun-kissed islands surrounded by clear blue sea and spectacular mountains rising to 7600 ft. inland. d beach. Be prepared for numerous surprises and for a strong sense of daily rhythms, for honest and warm hospitality. These characteristics are best discovered, not in seaside resorts, but mainly in the remote seaside and mHere there is still unlimited space to ride horses in the peace and beauty of nature. Ride in a land dotted with olive groves and ancient sites, way up into the rough mountains with breathtaking views,  swim in the clear blue waters and dry at an abandoned beach  abandoneountain villages.

Let's Dance Greek Rythm!!

You may not become an expert dancer, but within one-two hours, you will have the knowledge necessary to join Greek folk dancing during our lessons helping you to participate more easily to the Greek festivities in your holiday resort-village/city and elsewhere.

Under the music of Greek tradiotional notes and the magical sunset you will offer yourself unforgetable moments. Live your rythm in Messinia Peloponnese.

"Sea Kayaking in Greece is a thrilling experience"
Amazing coastal landscape, thousands of islands, crystal waters, golden beaches and a bright sun offering ideal conditions for sea kayaking excursions and expeditions. Trigilidas travel  organizes and implements on a daily basis sea kayaking excursions to some of the most beautiful sea kayaking routes in Greece, in Messinia in the southwestern tip of Peloponnese.

Explore biotops & ecosystems in river and lakes of Messinia
Alternative routes in the mainland of Messinia lead us to an unspoiled natural environment. We explore the routes of water by following it to its natural flow through rivers and lakes. We discover small untouched paradises, abundant flora, majestic waterfalls and gurgling crystal clear waters revealing an unparalleled natural beauty.