"LASER" Dental & Beauty Clinic in Kalamata Peloponnese

Laser Dental Clinic is located in Kalamata. The unique occupation is the provision of services for the oral health for 20 consecutive years in the  city of Kalamata.Laser Dental clinic is an ultramodern dental clinic of 500 m2 equipped with Laser and the personnel of Laser Dental clinic work on all aspects of dentistry such as surgical dentistry (fillings) prosthetics (bridges), implants, surgery of mouth, etc.

A key priority for clinic is to restore your oral health eliminating any discomfort or any pain. As well as restoring the beauty because as we believe that a beautiful smile reflects our inner world, makes us feel satisfied, confident and calm.

The philosophy and the basic objective is to provide painless and very high quality Dental Services.

In  the recent years Laser Dental clinic has added , the dermatology section in "Laser Beauty Clinic" with the main occupation object the aesthetic dermatology and interventions as: Botox , implants of hyaluronic acid , mesotherapy and recently implants stem cells and growth factors from the same patients.

Welcome to the world of health and beauty.

Aesthetic Odontoplastic see below
Teeth Whitening see below
Inner Teeth Whitening
Resin Surface
Porcelain Surface
Ceramic Corona
Zirconium Corona - Porcelain
Mobile Prosthodontics
Mouth Surgery
Plate and Tartar (Dental Calculus)
Endodontic Treatment
New Scientific Researches
Orthodontic treatments

Aesthetic Dentistry

The object of the Dental Science is the prevention through the oral health various diseases as well as diagnosis and treatment.
The cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry concerned with the restoration of symmetry and beauty of the face (beautiful smile).

It includes various treatments as:

• Ultrasonic teeth Cleaning
• Plastic gum using Laser (gingivectomy - gingiveplastic) 
• Treatment of gingivitis
• Teeth whitening with Laser
• Endontodic treatment /  teeth whitening  
• Aesthetic fillings (composite resin surfaces)
• porcelain face(Veneers)
• ceramic crown
• Crown of Zirconium - Porcelain
• Elimination of discoloration with odontoplastic.

Teeth Whitening
In nature there is a great variety of colors and this diversity is what makes it so beautiful in our eyes.
This is  also what happens with our teeth.

There is a wide variety of colors among the people, some of us  have more white, others more yellow, gray or hundreds of other combinations.Several factors such as nutrition habits (coffee - tea - smoking - the medication - poor oral hygiene, and others) can affect and change the color of teeth.

The whitening technique is the one that allows us to improve tooth color and brightness.
This is achieved by using whitening tools such as:

1. Carbamate peroxide at different densities (100%, 16%, 22%)
2. Hydrogen Peroxide (15% - 35%)

The teeth whitening is feasible to be either in the dental clinic or at home.

It is recommended firstly, a professional teeth whitening in the dental clinic  and then it may be  continued at home with specific splints.

Recently the development of technology enabled the use of Laser with amazing results without the side effects such as tooth sensitivity to (warm - cold) that appears by using the chemical bleaching with LED light.

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