"MESOGEIOS" Dialysis center in Messini-Kalamata Peloponnese

The 5th unit of “Mesogeios” Group is located in Kalamata and more specifically in Fyties Messini. This unit opened in February 2009 and accommodates the needs of the local community, as well as of patients-visitors of the wider area of Messini.The center is located within 5 kilometers from the General Prefectural Hospital of Kalamata.


The 1,200 square meter building is situated in a lush garden of 4,000 square meters, and boasts modern visitor lounges and private parking lots.

Unit Capacity
• Capacity of 160 patients.
• 27 machines Fresenius Medical Care 5008S online hemodiafiltration machines

• Continuous monitoring by a cardiologist and a vascular surgeon

In Mesogeios Dialysis Centers patients enjoy numerous services according to their individual needs.

Safety & quality are the key features that make Mesogeios Dialysis center your first choice in dialysis services.

• Online hemofiltration for all patients with new modern 5008S equipment by Fresenius Medical Care
• Highflux and lowflux polysulfone and helixone dialysis filters by FME
• Designated areas for treating patients with Hepatitis B

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