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Close to the city of Pirgos lies the famous archaeological site of Olympia , where the Olympic Games took place every four years,from 776 B.C.until 393 A.D.The ruins of the sanctuary and the new museum of the city,which displays finds of the site , show some of the most important works of Classical art.

Built in the 13th century B.C. , the Palace of king Nestor , who took part in the Trojan War , was excavated 4 km to the south of Chora.The remains found in the archaeological site are on exhibition in the city museum.20km to the south of Chora lies the Venetian fortress of Pylos.At the southern trip of the peninsula is the citadel of Methoni , where a massive bridge reaches the Bourdzi tower , which is built on an islet.

This city was erected by the Theban general Epaminondas after his victory in the war with Sparti in 371B.C.Messini was built up the foothills of the sacred mountain of Ithomi and had temples , houses, public buildings, a stadium and a theatre.Excavations reveal that today’s village of Mavromati is built on the site of the ancient city, whose surrounding walls are considered to be the most impressive remains of military architecture of 4th century B.C.

Sparti lies in one of the valleys of Taygetos mountain range,on the same site where the ancient city stood.Only a few ruins remain today.5 km away, at the top of a hill overlooking the Eurotas valley, you can find the deserted city of Mystras which was , from 1250 until 1450 , the Byzantine capital of the Peloponnese.The massive fortress,the elegant churches and monasteries with domes, all decorated with marvellous frescoes, show that Mystras was once a brilliant and glorious city.

From the Acropolis to Omonia Square, you'll see with this full day trip all the famous sites of ancient and modern Athens. Offering a perfect overview of the modern city, this guided tour will help you get your bearings if this is your first visit to Athens.

Located in the region of Laconian Mani, on the way to the city of Aeropolis , these caves are some of the finest in Europe. You can visit them by boat, on a subterranean city.

At the fare end of the Peloponnese , a small , dark island juts out of the sea.A thin strip of land inks it with the mainland at Yefira the bridge as this coastal psarohori Fishing village has come to be known.The Fort City of Monemvasia with its one and only gate as its name suggests  
(Moni =sole ,Emvasia = Entrance) turns a dream into reality.That is where Byzantium and the Middle Ages joined hands to bring Time to a standstill. This fortress-state , in southern Laconia proves the Byzantine-Venetian influence in the Peloponnese.

In the north-east of the city of Argos lies the site of Mycenae( 3000 B.C.). The monumental Lion Gate and the Treasury of Atreus , also known as the Tomb of Agamemnon, are considered to be the finest examples of Mycenaean architecture.35 km away is the magnificent open - air theatre of Epidaurus, designed by Polycleitos the Younger in the 3rd century B.C. It can seat 12300 spectators and the acoustics are exceptional. Every summer, performances of ancient drama take place in this theatre. Our agency organizes also tours for all the performances to Ancient theater of Epidaurus during the summer.

Kalamata , proud mistress of the Messenian gulf...One side bathes in the deep blue waters of the gulf of Messenia, while the other leans heavy against the foot of Mount Taygetos, the imposing Kalathi.You will see on your half day tour in Kalamata the church of Ipapanti , cathedral of Kalamata, the square of 23rd of March and the church of St.Apostlesthe Monastery of St.Constantine & St.Helen ,the Pantazopouleion culture centre , the town hall ,the Benakeion Arhaeological museum, the Art Gallery,the main square of Kalamata , the beautifull sea side street of Kalamata with the coconut trees.At the end you will have free time for shopping , before your return to your hotel.

One-day excursions for all performances at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus for summer 2015.
Pls book your ticket for the bus & the theatre in proper time. Show tickets secured by our office.
Find at the attachments the program of Epidaurus and the plan of the theater with ticket prices !!!

Join the village party for an evening full of entertainment in local style, with Greek music, traditional village dances and tasty Greek food !!

The village party is held in one of Messinia’s three most typical villages: Thalames,Kastania, or Marathoupoli. A typical Greek dinner is served at a local restaurant (open air in some villages), including house wine served from the barrel.
Talented dancers will perform Greek dances with music from a local live band, you will be encouraged to learn the basic steps of the popular Greek dances and perhaps give it a shot. The village party is your opportunity to live an authentic village experience and discover the true meaning of the popular Greek word “Kefi” (a sense of happiness and in high spirits).